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Summer Camp "AGOGE"

Summer Camp "AGOGE"

The Agoge, literally in Greek "to lead", was the name of the legendary Spartan education system which produced some of the ancient word's most renowned warriors. The word is often synonymous with training, guidance, or discipline. This is the goal of the camp at Burton BJJ this summer. From July 8-11, our camp will be focusing on fitness and exercise, BJJ, and building team comradery between our campers. Open to all children ages 9-15! If their birthday is boarderline, please contact us to see if an exception can be made.


All participants will receive a free tee shirt!

Participants will need a pair of tennis shoes, for jogging and other outdoor workouts. We recommend clothes that will keep participants cool. Hats and sunglasses are permitted but are the responsibility of the participant to keep up with. There is A/C in the building, but we will be doing a lot of moving and working both inside and outside.

Participants will need to bring their own sack lunches and any snacks which they may want. We will provide a time for their snacks around mid morning. Participants will also need to supply their own sports drinks, but we will provide water for everyone.

General Schedule:
9:00-9:30am - Drop off / Free play
9:30-10:30am - Warm up / Jog
10:30-11:30am - BJJ technique and drilling
11:30-12:30pm - Lunch and free play
12:30-1:30pm - HIIT Workout
1:30-2:00pm - Free play / Pickup

As part of the morning warmup, we may take a jog to North Peach park. We will avoid White Rd by taking participants down Gralan Dr and cut through the Elementary / Middle school grounds. In the HIIT workouts, participants may be asked to jog to the stop sign at the corner of Gralan Dr. All outside activities will be under the supervision of an adult. Jogging paths are pictured in the paperwork / information which will be emailed to you after checkout.


Discipline of behavioral issues will be addressed with physically taxing exercises (pushups, burpees, wall sits). However if the behavior of the participant is not improved, the parent or emergency contact will be called to pick up the participant. Based on issue, the staff will determine if the participant will be welcomed back.

Purchase is final, but you can change registration to another participant. Please contact us with this information so we can help coordinate with the parent of the new participant.

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